Working With an ASL Interpreter – Do’s and Don’ts


Getting to Know the Deaf Community When we hear and think about the Deaf com­munity, we must remember that’s exactly what it is—a community. Like any community, there are “do’s” and “don’ts” of acceptable and unacceptable behavior. There are cultural differences, customs, and interests that are common to one group of individuals versus anoth­er.  If you've never worked with American ... Read More

5 Tools Everyone in the Translation Industry Should be Using Right Now (And it’s NOT Google)


As the debate between human translators versus technology continues, one thing is for certain: as business goes global, the need for translation services growing. Google Translate is fast, easy-to-use, convenient and is a household name brand. But can Google really accommodate the translation of academic journals, legal contracts, pharmaceutical research, essays and so forth? The spark of the debate comes ... Read More

Coming Together for Minority Communities


No One Should Stand Alone At IU Group we build bridges to close language gaps between English speakers and non-English speakers. Our work aides those who provide these individuals with the basic right to health care services, legal representation and right to live freely in their neighborhoods.  Since 1970, we’ve worked with dozens of businesses from coast-to-coast to ensure persons ... Read More

5 Tips to Manage a Multilingual Workforce


As the US workforce becomes increasingly diverse, business communication becomes a challenge in a multilingual environment. Business owners and managers alike are looking for ways to motivate, manage and keep employees happy. Maintaining positive employee morale is a result of good communication. The challenge management faces is  communicating with staff when language barriers are present. Here's 5 Tips to Manage ... Read More

Why Translating Slang is “On Fleek”

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Everyday there seems to be a new slang word or phrase that becomes the trendy thing to say. As crazy as it may sound, it’s essential for translators to be able to transmit slang, regional sayings and other common phrases in documents. It’s also important to note that certain slang phrases are understood and/or used by different demographics. So, while ... Read More

The Role of Language Services During Political Campaigns


Unbeknownst to some, foreign language services play a large role in political campaigns and elections. As millions of Americans rush to the polls on Election Day, many will take advantage of mandated language services. It’s one thing to complete the grueling process of obtaining citizenship. Understanding how to vote, deciphering the forms and ballots is confusing enough for English speakers, ... Read More

Translating Food Labels Keeps Customers Loyal

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Translating food labels is now more important than ever. Proper labeling and packaging keeps companies legally compliant and consumers safe and informed. With today’s hype surrounding diet and workout programs, one may make the assumption that food labels are of utmost importance to “calorie counters” and fitness enthusiasts. But this is not the case at all. Translating food labels keeps ... Read More

Interpreting Hurricane Matthew Warnings in ASL

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Sign language interpreter, Marlene Llanes with Miami-Dade county city officials during a morning press conference on Wednesday, October 5, 2016. Accessible Communication for the Deaf is working with Miami officials to issue Hurricane warnings to the Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing community October 6, 2016 This week, Miami-Dade Mayor Carlos Gimenez and city council members issued several press conferences in light of Hurricane ... Read More

6 Ways to Celebrate International Translation Day


Did you know International Translation Day is celebrated every September 30?   This year, the International Federation of Translators’ (FIT) theme for International Translation Day is “Connecting Worlds.” The theme, submitted by the American Translators Association, is designed to generate awareness of the impact interpreters and translators have on international communication. The first three examples are how FIT encourages its member organizations ... Read More

Difference Between Brazilian Portuguese and European Portuguese


Brazilian vs European Portuguese Portuguese may be the official language of Brazil, but it is not indigenous to the South American continent. The language actually stems from across the Atlantic, in Portugal. There are a few distinct differences in Brazilian Portuguese and European Portuguese, so if you have plans to travel abroad to Rio de Janiero for the 2016 Olympic ... Read More