Becoming a Contract Interpreter

An independent contractor is expected to be an operating business. Therefore, when you work with IU, we are actually contracting with your business, rather than your private identity. This means you must be registered as a Corporation (Inc.), a Limited Liability Corporation (LLC) or a Doing Business As (DBA) entity. Registering as any of these designations means you are given a Federal Tax ID Number. In addition, you must have a business license, business cards, and evidence that you advertise and market your services on relevant websites, publications, and forums.

The legal requirements listed above apply to all contracted interpreters and translators of IU in the State of California.

Information for Independent Contractors

Examples of Documentation to Show You Are a Business

·         Business License ·         Liability Insurance
·         Your Own Business Cards ·         Client Lists
·         Advertising Material ·         Website Address
·         Office Location ·         FEIN Tax Number
·         Screen Shots of advertisements on Craigslist, Indeed, ATA, ALC, etc.

We accept resumes from experienced interpreters and translators to receive work on an as-needed basis. Only qualified linguists are taken into consideration for assignments. Please be sure to include any and all credentials, certifications and references.

Please send all of the above information to

Interpreters–If you are interested in our interpretation opportunities, please complete the following Interpreters Questionnaire and submit it with your resume and credentials to If there is a need for your specialization, you will be contacted by a representative.

Interpreter Questionnaire


If you have any questions about Interpreters Unlimited, please contact us at (800) 726-9891.

Information for Medical and Legal Interpreters

Healthcare Interpreters
IU contracts medical interpreters for appointments on an as-needed basis for healthcare facilities across the country. IU’s contracted medical interpreters adhere to the guidelines formulated by California Healthcare Interpreting Association (CHIA). If you need information on how to become a certified healthcare interpreter, please visit the CHIA website.

Court Certified Interpreters
IU supplies attorneys, mediators, and other practitioners in the legal industry with professional and experienced interpreters. For information on how to become a Court Certified interpreter visit your local Judicial Council website.