Interpreters Unlimited now offers a home based franchise for language services—an industry yielding over $14 Billion each year.
An IU Franchise provides a home-based business with a low cash investment and performance guarantee.
Home-Based Business

Most potential franchisees are looking for a business they can run from a home office allowing for low initial start-up costs and flexibility. IU
offers a home based franchise that meets both of these criterion and more.

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Language Services

IU is a translation business as well as an interpreter business. An IU franchise provides language services such as an in-person interpreter, ASL interpreter, telephone interpretation, or document translation.

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Franchise Benefits

There are many benefits to an IU home based franchise:

  • • Low cash investment
  • • Performance Guarantee
  • • Flexibility
  • • Single Focus
  • • Simple Learning Curve
  • • Instructor-led Training

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