Why Translating Slang is “On Fleek”

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Everyday there seems to be a new slang word or phrase that becomes the trendy thing to say. As crazy as it may sound, it’s essential for translators to be able to transmit slang, regional sayings and other common phrases in documents. It’s also important to note that certain slang phrases are understood and/or used by different demographics. So, while ... Read More

Translating Food Labels Keeps Customers Loyal

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Translating food labels is now more important than ever. Proper labeling and packaging keeps companies legally compliant and consumers safe and informed. With today’s hype surrounding diet and workout programs, one may make the assumption that food labels are of utmost importance to “calorie counters” and fitness enthusiasts. But this is not the case at all. Translating food labels keeps ... Read More

6 Ways to Celebrate International Translation Day


Did you know International Translation Day is celebrated every September 30?   This year, the International Federation of Translators’ (FIT) theme for International Translation Day is “Connecting Worlds.” The theme, submitted by the American Translators Association, is designed to generate awareness of the impact interpreters and translators have on international communication. The first three examples are how FIT encourages its member organizations ... Read More