Sharp Healthcare on-site interpreter services


Sharp HealthCare was founded in 1950 as a not-for-profit healthcare network in San Diego, California. Today, its facilities include four acute-care hospitals, three specialty hospitals and two affiliated medical groups. For more information, visit

Q: How did you hear about Interpreters Unlimited?

Sharp HealthCare has been in a working relationship with Interpreters Unlimited for over 10 years.

 Q: Before you started working with us, what concerns might you have had?

There was a need for an interpreting company to provide on-site interpreting services and Interpreters Unlimited met that requirement.

Q: How has IU made an impact on your business or organization?

Interpreters Unlimited provides Interpreting services that deliver quick, accurate communication with Sharp HealthCare’s patients.

Q: What is your most memorable IU experience?

The fact that we have consistent, quality service provided for our patients. 

Q: If you were to recommend us to your colleagues, what would you say?

The prompt attention to calls, requests and the close working relationship that we have with the management team is outstanding.

*Note: The name and title of this client were removed by request.

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