The Best Translation Services

The best translation services are professional, timely and accurate, in meaning and in context. But why do businesses need such services? Healthcare facilities, schools, law firms, government agencies and local businesses contract professional translation services to communicate with a multi-cultural and diverse audience.

The needs of each industry vary but the bottom line is the same: communication. To expand to foreign markets, corporations need to translate product manuals, instruction labels, brochures, financial records and websites to the language of the targeted audience.

In addition to the marketing goals of business, the healthcare industry also requires written document translation in order to provide appropriate information to patients. Accurate translation of medical documents, patient records, prescription instructions, facility brochures and other health information help hospitals, clinics, and private physicians to deliver superior healthcare services to patients with limited English proficiency.

Similarly, government organizations turn to professional translators to improve communications with multi-lingual populations.  Translation provides residents with the ability to access and understand where to find the government services they need, such as social security, unemployment, government healthcare, court information and driver’s license or identification information.

Other industries and areas that benefit from translating services include higher education and academia, financial management, law enforcement, and insurance providers. The bottom line is that translation provides these organizations with more exposure and makes the services, products or brand identity more accessible to a multi-cultural audience.

The best translation services are performed by professional translators. These qualified translators undergo similar training and certification as their interpreter counterparts. And like professional interpreters, the skills of these professional translators  are sought after by both organizations in need of such services, as well as language service providers like Interpreters Unlimited. The following illustrates the top qualities of the best translators.

5 Qualities of the Best Translators

Native Speakers

The best translators translate documents to and from their native tongue. This thorough knowledge of the language’s culture ensures that it is conveyed in the translation. A native speaker will be familiar with dialects and regional phrases, and can guarantee that the exact transformation of culture, context, tone and meaning are accurately represented in the final product.


Translators are like sponges. They soak up information through tireless research of culture and practice by reading and writing the language. Practice makes perfect and to be the best, translators are always striving to improve their skill set.

Many professional translators become certified through national accredited organizations like, the American Translation Association (ATA). Although not all projects require a certified translator, certification is an industry-wide best practice. Organizations like the ATA provide an abundance of resources for training and continuing education programs for aspiring translators, professional translators, as well as for people who want to learn more about the translation industry.

Deadline Driven

The high volume and quality expected for each translation project demands perfection and excellent time management skills. The best translators are capable and proven multi-taskers and project managers. At any given time, they are assigned multiple projects and it is their discipline that allows them to adhere to strict deadlines.

Detail Oriented

Strong attention to detail is extremely important.  A good translator is meticulous, and does not underestimate the complexity of the target language, which may include variations on numbers, grammar, formatting, and punctuation.

Word Nerds

A good translator by nature is a “word nerd.”  Document translation is not only converting text from one language to another, it’s translating the meaning, delivery and context from the original document to a new version in a target language.  An extensive vocabulary in the source and target languages improve a translator’s marketability. In addition, specialization in a specific subject area like healthcare, law, technology, insurance, corporate management, or finance gives them an edge when seeking jobs. The knowledge of the industry’s culture, its jargon and audience brands them as an expert in the field.

All in all, the best translation services help businesses connect with multi-lingual audiences both domestically and abroad. The best translators are versed in translating brochures, financial statements, insurance documents, medical records, product manuals, websites and more.

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