Business Translation Services

Business Translation Services

Our business translation services are just one click or phone call away. We serve every major industry in the United States with high-quality document translations. Submit a document and our team will respond within 48 hours with a fast-free quote! We accept projects of any size and format and can translate your document to 200+ foreign languages!

Business Translation Services | Interpreters Unlimited

What Are Business Translation Services?

When a document is submitted, it is called the “source document” and the text is translated by professional linguists to the target language. Translating business documents like marketing materials, brochures, medical pamphlets, signage, and websites help businesses communicate with their clients and patients.

What Kind of Documents
Do You Translate?

At Interpreters Unlimited, our contracted translators are fluent in both languages (English and the target language) and have years of experience translating:

  • Employee Manuals & Corporate Communications
  • Marketing Brochures
  • Websites
  • Food Labels
  • Patents
  • Medical Journals
  • Pharmaceutical Research
  • Legal Documents
  • Instruction Manuals

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Document Translation FAQ

Professional Document Translation Services | Interpreters UnlimitedWhat type of format do you accept or produce?

All of our business translation services are available in .doc, .docx, .ppt, .txt, .xlx, .indd, .ai, .pdf and more. Desktop Publishing is available upon request.


How long do translations take?

All business translations follow a three-step translation process. The project manager assigned to your translation coordinates the status between you and the assigned translator. The completion time(s) varies from project-to-project based on the length of the text to be translated. On average, document translations can take anywhere from one to 10 days.

What is the difference between website translation and localization?

Website translation is converting the text word-for-word from one language to another. Depending on your company’s marketing or business strategy, sometimes this is all that is needed. With professional website localization services, not only is your website translated, it is optimized for a specific audience, language, and geographic region.  If you’re not sure which method is best-fit for you, contact us to speak with a representative. 800-726-9891.

About Interpreters Unlimited

Making Connections Nationwide. Interpreters Unlimited provides professional business translation and interpretation services to hospitals, insurance companies, school districts, government agencies and corporations across the country. IU’s nationwide network of 9,000 contracted linguists supports 200+ foreign languages and American Sign Language for its clients. For more information please call 800-726-9891 to speak with a representative.

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