Translation Services in Orange County

Translation Services in Orange County

Interpreters Unlimited provides translation services in Orange County in more than 200 languages. IU works with OC organizations that have strict requirements for American Sign Language (ASL) interpreters, Spanish-English translators, Spanish interpreting services, and medical document translation services.

Which industries benefit from Orange County translation services?

Academic Translation Services | Interpreters UnlimitedSchool Districts and Universities–  Our contracted linguists provide interpretation services for parent/teacher conferences, meetings, assemblies and any school-related event.

Legal Interpreters in Orange County, California | Interpreters UnlimitedCourthouses and Law Firms – We can provide a qualified legal interpreter in Orange County for mediations, depositions, client interviews and more.

Business Translation Services | Interpreters Unlimited

Corporations – We provide language-specific versions a website to increase viability to your target audience with website localization and translation services. In addition, we provide interpretation services for meetings, conferences, and events.

Medical Translation and Interpretation Services in OC California | Interpreters UnlimitedMedical Facilities and Hospitals – Our company and the linguists we contract are ACA Section 1557 and HIPAA-compliant to provide language services in Orange County.

 Qualified Linguists

Many industries require industry-specific language services. Here is an example of the work we do in Orange County, each and every day.

  • Business Language Services
    • Translating product manuals, websites, financial statements, marketing materials and more.
    • Interpreters for employee interviews, conferences, orientations and more.
  • Medical Interpretation
    • In-person, telephone and video interpretation
  • Academic Translations
    • Translating class schedules, immunization information, event flyers, registration information, and more.
  • Legal Translations
    • We will translate any document that is signed and explained to limited English-proficient clients

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Languages Spoken in Orange County, California

Spanish –  Interpreters Unlimited’s contracted Spanish linguists are available in Orange County 24/7/365!

American Sign Language – Our dedicated Sign Language Services Division services OC’s Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing community with ASL interpreters with RID (Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf) certification. For more information about our Division, please visit

Vietnamese – Our Vietnamese interpreters and translators are professionally trained, qualified and have years of experience in the field. Contact us today for a free quote.

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