Game localization and translation services

 Game Localization and Translation

Game localization and translation is one of the newest forms of translation in the industry. It takes a creative and strategic approach to the fundamentals of the UX design along with the visual appearance of the game. The best localization services transform each game from a source language to target language while preserving the experience and culture of the intended gamer community.

Before games are released to international markets, game developers and product marketers aim for a single release date, in which the game is launched in all languages simultaneously. Coordinating these efforts is often orchestrated in a manner in which game manufacturers work concurrently with development, marketing and translation. 

At Interpreters Unlimited, we provide voice overs, translated instructions and subtitles to give your gamers a great experience. The translation and localization games is extremely precise and is always managed by experienced professionals. Let us help you catapult your brand to the forefront your target market.

Video Game Translation

Gaming translation encompasses several aspects of your business. Most gaming translations projects will involve the following:

  •  Graphics localization
  • Website Translation
  • Instruction Translation
  • Voice-over-Recordings
  • Packaging Translation
  • Marketing translations
    • Brochures
    • Advertisements
    • Product descriptions
    • Banner Ads and In-game advertising

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Our team can accommodate video game localization requests for most languages, markets and genres. Whether your target market is in Europe or South America, we ensure quality results within your budget and under deadline.

video game localization services

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The IU Approach

Each localization project is managed by a project manager who is the point-of-contact. Your project manager locates a translator and web development specialist to assign to your project. From there, your IU representative will review our localization workflow and translation process with you while updating the linguist and web developer with your requests.

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