Hawaiian Translators and Language Services

Our Hawaiian translators and interpreters  are carefully selected and qualified in their language specialty. All of our language services are available in 200+ languages including American Sign Language (ASL).

For more than 40 years, Interpreters Unlimited™ has  provided diverse language services throughout the Hawaiian islands for in-person, telephone and video interpretation, as well as document translation services. In recent years, we began to provide non-emergency medical transportation services to our heath care clients.

Hawaii, known as “The Aloha State,” is comprised entirely of islands in the central Pacific Ocean. One of the smallest states in the US, Hawaii is also among the most densely populated. While Asian Americans constitute the largest percentage of the Hawaiian population, there are a number of different ethnic groups that are strongly represented throughout the state.

Languages Spoken In Hawaii

Tagalog – Over 5% of Hawaiian residents speak Tagalog. Filipino Americans also represent over 13% of Hawaii’s population, making them one of the largest ethnic groups in the state.

Japanese – After Tagalog, Japanese is the next most popular language spoken in Hawaii. A significant percentage of the Hawaiian population can trace its ancestry back to Japan.

Our Industries

legal translators and interpretersLegalInterpreters Unlimited works with law firms and courthouses to provide in-person interpretation for depositions, trials, mediation, hearings and interviews. Our experienced translators also provide legal document translation services

Workers Compensation Language & Transportation Services

Insurance Companies Insurance interpretation and translation and workers’ compensation services are available for worker’s compensation, automotive, homeowner’s, etc. Schedule an in-person, phone or video interpreter or get a document translated. Call us today: 800-726-9891.

Hawaiian translator for hospitalsMedicalInterpreters Unlimited provides medical language translation and interpretation for hospitals, medical facilities, rehabilitation centers, clinics, and private practices We also provide medical transportation across the state as well.

Hawaii interpreters and TranslatorsTourism and TravelIU helps local and corporate businesses in the tourism industry cater to non-English speaking visitors by providing website translation and document translation services for brochures, product labels, maps, instruction manuals and more.

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