Hospital Translation Services

Hospital translation services enable patients to comprehend all matters regarding their treatment or condition.  Our translation team is versed in 200 exotic languages to translate: medical records, brochures, care instructions, prescription information, etc.

Communication in hospitals, clinics and pharmaceutical facilities is detailed and rich with complex terminology. As such, it is important that medical staff and patients alike are able to communicate clearly and without error. A qualified medical interpreter guarantees that both parties can converse (and be understood) easily and accurately. All of our linguists are tested for competency in their native language, English, dialects and cultural background.

Qualified medical interpreters ensure your patients understand their medical diagnosis or condition of a loved one. Our contracted linguists are professionally trained in HIPAA compliance and have years of experience in different environments.

All language services are available nationwide in more than 200+ languages and American Sign Language (ASL).

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♦ Video Remote Interpretation (VRI)
♦ ASL Interpretation
♦ Medical Document Translation

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Medical Transportation

Contact IU today to schedule medical transportation for your patients. All of our contracted drivers are professionally trained, carefully screened and adhere to the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act(HIPAA). We deliver friendly door-to-door transportation service for ambulatory transportation, wheelchair, flight escorts, basic life support ambulance (BLS), advanced life support ambulance (ALS) and more.

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