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Every child deserves a well-rounded education and parents have a right to be informed about their child’s performance – in their language. School districts hire professional interpreters through IU to help students transition from their native tongue to English or to communicate with parents, guardians and the community.

We contract with skilled linguists to provide our nation’s schools with interpreters for meetings, assemblies, after school activities and other situations where a conversation takes place. Most districts choose to provide services on an as-needed basis, for the most common spoken languages in the area.

These academic interpreting services help foreign exchange students and students with limited English proficiency exceed in their studies, feel comfortable in the campus environment and understand what’s expected of them. Contact us for an in-person appointment for 200 spoken languages and/or American Sign Language.

Phone interpreting appointments are available for staff who need to speak with a parent or guardian when an in-person interpreter is not available. This service works best during meetings or conferences on speaker phone.

Academic Translation

Academic translation services help families understand what’s going on with their child and helps families to better communicate at home. At the K-12 level, we recommend translating the following materials to keep on-hand:

  • Report Cards
  • School closings
  • Letters
  • Class schedules
  • Permission slips
  • After school club pamphlets
  • Immunization information
  • School bus schedules

Higher Education Document Translation

We recommend to keep an inventory of translated documents in your most requested languages. Documents like this for universities are often:

  • Transcript Request Forms
  • Financial Aid Documents
  • Student Services Information
  • Campus Information (security, maps, directories, etc.)
  • Registration Information
  • Enrollment Information
  • GPA information
  • Immunization Information

Why Choose IU for Your District or University?

  • Experience-IU contracts linguists with experience and knowledge of every level of education, to ensure accuracy.
  • Our Network Approximately 9,000 professional linguists are contracted with us across the country to guarantee we find someone for your next appointment.
  • 24/7 Customer Service- Our customer web portal, WebIUX  enables clients to request interpreters, view appointment history, quotes and more.

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academic translation

Let us help you achieve your educational mission through professional academic translation services


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