professional interpretation services

Professional Interpretation Services

Interpreters Unlimited has a network of over 9,000 contracted interpreters all across America to provide professional consecutive and simultaneous interpretation services, using both on-site interpreters and over-the-phone interpreters. These services can be used for courtroom appointments, medical appointments, conferences and more. While in-person interpretation is the cornerstone of language disciplines, relying on speed and accuracy to ensure precision and understanding, phone interpretation is also a familiar and convenient option, while still providing excellence in communication.

In addition to on-site and telephone services, Video Remote Interpretation (VRI) services are offered in spoken languages and American Sign Language. Speak to a representative today to schedule video interpretation for your next meeting, event or interview.

Cultural Expertise

IU’s contracted interpreters are not only proficient in both the original and target languages requested, they also possess dialect and subject matter knowledge needed to ensure an accurate interpretation. We have experience in providing professional interpretation services in all types of scenarios and settings including:

  • Conferences & Seminars
  • Depositions, Trials & Hearings
  • Medical Appointments
  • Recorded Statements
  • Employee Training
  • Arbitrations
  • Religious Functions

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Consecutive v. Simultaneous Interpretation Services

Interpreters Unlimited offers both consecutive and simultaneous interpretation services. In consecutive interpretation the speaker talks while the interpreter listens. The speaker then pauses while the interpreter delivers the interpretation in blocks of words or sentences. In simultaneous interpretation the linguist interprets while the speaker is talking which differs from consecutive interpretation because there are no long pauses in the flow of conversation. Oftentimes a simultaneous interpreter will sit in a sound-proof booth to interpret in real-time while listeners are wearing headphones.

Each type of interpretation requires a highly trained and qualified interpreter. IU contracts interpreters nationwide that specialize in consecutive interpretation, simultaneous interpretation or both.

We find local interpreters for government agencies, school districts and universities, law firms, insurance companies, hospitals and medical facilities and corporations. Contact us today to speak with a representative (800) 726-9891.

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