5 Benefits of Cloud VRI Software


Why we love the cloud and why you should too

Benefits of cloud vri software

5 Benefits of Cloud VRI Software 

Simply put, the “cloud” is the Internet. It’s also one of today’s hottest tech buzzwords. So, what is all the hype? And why is an interpretation company writing about it? Well, we love it and need to tell you more about how this exciting technology is shaking up the language services industry (in a good way)!

Video remote interpretation (VRI) is a new form of interpreting that provides the experience of on-site interpretation without having an interpreter physically present. Hospitals, corporations, law firms and the like are hopping on the VRI bandwagon to take advantage of all it has to offer. The HIPAA Compliant connection is safe, secure and connects both parties (interpreter and patient or client) in a private, encrypted network.

The convenience, accessibility and pricing structure of the cloud also increases productivity and delivers an ongoing return on investment (ROI). Some businesses employ VRI software because their client or patient prefers to not have someone else in the room for personal, medical or cultural reasons.  This way, they receive all the perks of having an on-location interpreter, and it can be accessed with just the push of a button.

Why Cloud VRI Software is Awesome

1.       Cost Effective– NO need to purchase proprietary hardware, equipment. All you need is what you already have (desktop, tablet, mobile phone, laptop) and you’re good to go! Minimize labor and operational expenses because you won’t need to hire specialized IT personnel or schedule training for your office staff.

2.       Access from anywhere, anytime – 24/7/365– Access what you need, when you need it, from an iOS, Android, PC or Mac device. When your data is in the cloud, you don’t have to be confined to the office computer or iPad. Whether you’re scheduling an appointment, on a video call, or viewing your account information, connect to our On-Demand Interpreting at your convenience.

3.       Centralized Data- All data is stored in one place! You no longer need open multiple sources at once (scheduling software, CRM, ERP, accounting software) to understand the ROI because everything you need is in one place! You can reduce operational expenses and save time in your day with just a few clicks! View VRI by language, average call times, total VRI hours, and more.

4.       Real-time Sharing- Record and export video calls and share with others in real-time!

5.       Security– Our On-Demand Interpreting (ODI) platform connects you to a video interpreter on an industrial strength redundant Video Telephone Network in seconds. The VPN connection you want is in compliance with HIPAA to ensure safety and privacy is protected.


6.       Languages– Remember we mentioned that Cloud VRI provides the perks of an in-person interpreter? Well, here’s another example of how VRI is the coolest thing since sliced bread. Video interpreters generally do not limit their language services just because they’re not in-person. So, whether your client is Deaf, Hard-of-Hearing or has limited English proficiency, VRI is available in many exotic languages, including American Sign Language.

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