Iowa Interpreters and Translation Services

Our contracted Iowa interpreters and translators are carefully selected and qualified in their language specialty. All of our language services are available in 200+ languages including American Sign Language (ASL).

For more than 40 years, Interpreters Unlimited™ has provided diverse language services throughout Iowa for in-person, telephone and video interpretation, as well as document translation services. In recent years, we began to provide non-emergency medical transportation services for our workers’ compensation clients.

Interpreters Unlimited™ services the great state of Iowa across a range of industries. We have experience working with a wide breadth of businesses including schools, government offices, medical facilities, private businesses, and large corporations.

Our Industries

Interpreters Unlimited™ provides interpreting and translation services for a variety of organizations throughout the state. The following areas, in particular, have industry-specific language service requirements:

Healthcare Iowa interpretersMedical – Interpreters Unlimited provides medical translation and in-person interpretation for hospitals, medical facilities, rehabilitation centers, behavioral clinics, urgent care, and private physician’s offices. We also provide non-emergency medical transportation across the state as well.

legal translators iconLegal – Interpreters Unlimited works with law firms and courthouses to provide language interpretation for depositions, trials, mediation, hearings and interviews. Interpretation services are available in 200+ languages including ASL. Our experienced translators also provide legal document translation services.

Website Translation and localization iconTourism and Travel – Iowa is a tourist attraction in the Midwestern United States that draws in travelers year after year. For visitors with limited English proficiency, translators and interpreters can facilitate communication, resulting in a more enjoyable vacation stay.

Workers Compensation insurance icon

Insurance – Insurance matters utilize industry-specific terms. Iowa interpreters act as the intermediary between the carrier and client, to make sure that both parties receive all information being communicated for: automotive, rental, homeowner, worker’s compensation insurance and more.

Languages Spoken In Iowa:

Vietnamese – Asian-Americans constitute a significant percentage of Iowa’s overall population. Among the various Asian languages spoken throughout the state, Vietnamese is one of the most popular. Interpreters Unlimited™ has an extensive list of Vietnamese interpreters to accommodate the interpreter and translation service needs of this language community.

Spanish – IU offers in-person interpreters, document translation, and over-the-phone interpretation services, to meet the state’s growing need for Spanish translation and interpretation.

German – Iowa is home to a sizable number of German-speaking residents. Interpreters Unlimited™ provides a host of language services to meet German interpretation and translation needs across the state.

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