IU Mobile Connect language service scheduling and live tracking for iOS and Android

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IU Mobile Connect

Compatible with iPhone and Android, IU Mobile Connect is the language industry’s one-of-a-kind live tracking and scheduling app, built to streamline the day-to-day workflow.


IU Mobile Connect brings our network to you. Schedule appointments from any Android or iOS device! And IU Connect keeps track of appointment records so you’re never out of sync.

Live Tracking

Like Uber and Lyft, you can see your interpreter’s location in real-time! IU Connect is synced with our WebIUX, client portal, so you always have access.

IU connect live tracking

live tracking technology 

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IU Mobile Connect language industry mobile app

200+ languages

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Learn more about IU Connect today. Contact us below for a free quote or call 800-726-9891 to speak with a representative.