Medical Translation Services

To compete effectively in a global marketplace, accurate, high-quality medical translation is a core requirement. Whether you are localizing documentation to accompany your product into worldwide deployment, translating patient data, or preparing clinical research reports for publication, IU medical translation services include everything you need to produce localized documents of the highest quality.

  • 200+ languages
  • Customer-focused service
  • Professional medical translators
  • Quality guaranteed

Whether your medical documents are your product or just one component of a product release, IU medical translation services can help you deliver high-quality: 

  • Documentation such as getting started guides, user guides, reference guides, installation manuals, etc.
  • Software Components such as user interfaces and online help. See Software Localization.
  • Instruction and Training Materials such as instructions for use (IFUs), informed consent forms (ICFs), training manuals, primers, etc.
  • Product Materials such as data sheets, product literature, packaging, product labels, doctor or patient instructions, etc.
  • Research Documents such as technical papers, reports, dossiers, regulatory documents, registration documents, expert reports, pharmaceutical documents, etc.

Our project managers provide language services and the guidance you need to take your projects from strategy to deployment including:

  • Strategy & preparation
    • Regulatory review
    • Project assessment and planning
    • Source preparation, content analysis
    • Building/updating language assets such as translation memories (TMs), glossaries, and term bases
  • Translation into 200 languages
  • Localization of graphics and screenshots 
  • Desktop publishing and quality checks
  • Delivery of ready-to-deploy materials in print or digital form

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