Ohio Interpreters and Translators

We proudly serve all major industries in the state of Ohio with professional language services including onsite interpretation, telephone interpretation, video remote interpretation, document translation, and website localization services. IU’s contracted Ohio interpreters and translators are not only fluent in the language, they’re fluent in dialect and culture.

Our nationwide network of 9,000 contracted linguists provides services in 200 foreign languages and American Sign Language (ASL), 24/7/365.

Interpretation and Translation Services

  • On-site Interpretation
  • Telephone Interpretation
  • Video Remote Interpretation
  • Document Translation
  • Website Localization
  • American Sign Language (ASL)

Who can benefit from an Ohio interpreter or translator?
Anyone who needs an interpreter for a deposition, medical appointment, guided tour, or client meeting can benefit. Our linguists make it easy for clients and patients to communicate effectively. Click on the icons below for more information about the services we offer for each industry.

Languages Spoken In Ohio

LaotianLaotian speakers are immigrating to Ohio area more than any ethnicity. The state’s many education and employment opportunities make it an attractive alternative to other states that are more or less populated.

Thai – With the Laotian community’s rise,  the numbers of immigrants from Thailand also continue to rise. Thai interpreters and translators can find the most work in the Cleveland and Columbus areas; this is where the main concentration of Asian immigrants and citizens are found.

Spanish – Recent demographics studies indicate that Ohio citizens who speak Spanish have risen. The main Hispanic population is in the Cleveland and Toledo. IU provides on-site interpretation services to doctor’s offices, school districts, law firms, hospitals

Italian – Ohio has a small community of Italian Americans.  However, this does not mean that there is no use for Italian interpreter and translators. Actually, the necessity is more pronounced, because that means that there are a lot of Italian visitors and tourists, more likely to be visiting family, or friends.

Irish (Gaelic) – The need for Irish/Gaelic translators and interpreters stems from the same need as that for Italian interpreters. Because of the large portion of the Ohio community with Irish heritage and descendants, then it is that much more likely that there will be needs for Irish/Gaelic translators in the tourism and travel industry.

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