Pricing for interpreters and translators in the United States

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Interpreter vs Translator Pricing

The rates for an interpreter versus translator are calculated differently. Interpreter services are typically time-based (by the minute, hour, etc.) whereas translations are priced by the word to be translated. For example, most interpretation appointments are scheduled to fit into the client’s daily or weekly agenda. Requests for interpreters are typically for appointments, meetings, interviews and other situations that are best measured by time.

In contrast, document translation is done remotely, with an established due date. It is more cost effective to price per word by language, especially since translators do not all work at the same pace. This practice equalizes the free schedule for all translation teams.

Our web localization team not only translates the content of your website, they optimize it for maximum efficiency.  Display currencies, images and text that reflect the culture of your brand and expands your corporate reach to international markets. Pricing for localization services is typically quoted based on estimated number of hours, number of words to be translated and design elements.

When you work with us, you have an entire dedicated team at your disposal. We will provide you with all rates upon service request, so that you can work within your budget. There are no additional hidden fees, and we will produce a full report detailing all completed work.

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What if I Need Medical Transportation For My Clients?

Well, look no further because we’re your one-stop-shop for language and transportation! Our medical transportation services are offered across the country and are ideal for private practices, hospitals, attorneys, and insurance agents. Safely escort your clients from their home to your office, court hearing or clinic.

We run background checks on all of our drivers and require them to go through an extensive training program. When they’re on the job, they’re required to keep record of everything that happens from the moment they arrive at your patient’s doorstep. Contact our sister company, Albors & Alnet for more information!

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