Interpreter rates

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Interpreter rates vary by industry when advanced proficiency and certification is required for the situation at hand.

Currently, 200+ spoken languages and American Sign Language interpreting services are available across the country for every industry. Interpreter rates are charged by the hour and all times beyond the required minimum are billed in half hour increments.

*Rates may vary, contact us for more information.


Some hospitals and clinics require contracted interpreters to have medical certification. The rates for these interpreters require a three hour minimum for services. Medical interpretation rates are quoted higher than appointments with a non-certified interpreter because of the required specialized training in the healthcare field and extensive medical vocabulary.

Pricing for certified medical interpreters typically ranges from $100-$140 per hour for a three hour minimum. All times beyond the minimum are billed in half hour increments. 


Judicial court certified interpreters set their own rates and in some cases, hourly minimums. These services are quoted on a case-by-case basis. Situations that require a certified legal interpreter are family court hearings, and trials. Contact us for a detailed quote.


For services requested from federal government agencies,  our Federal Supply Service fee schedule often applies. The rates for government interpreters are pre-determined based on the terms of our pre-established federal supply contract. In some cases, government rates are lower in comparison with other industries.

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