Exotic language interpretation pricing

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Pricing is based on the exotic level of the language to be interpreted (Exotic Levels 1-3). Since Spanish is the second-most common language spoken in the United States, it is not considered  “exotic.” All other languages are tiered on our “Exotic Level” list according to how often they are requested, how big the language-speaking population is in the United States, and how difficult it is to find a qualified interpreter for that language.

The rates listed below are for in-person interpretation services. Language is generally not a factor for telephone and video remote interpretation. In most circumstances a time-based rate is given for these services. Contact us for more details.

We currently offer language interpretation services in 200 spoken languages and American Sign Language. All times beyond the  required hourly minimum are billed in half hour increments.

Language Minimum Hours Rate Per Hour



All other languages



*Rates may vary. The prices listed above are approximate for non-certified interpreters.

Rates for Certified Languages

In situations where a certified interpreter is required, the hourly minimum is three hours. Language-certified interpreters are requested on an as-needed basis by the client and are quoted on a case-by-case basis. Please refer to our industry pricing or fill out the form to the right for a quote.

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