Medical Transportation pricing

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We provide competitive non-emergency medical transportation services that deliver patient and client satisfaction. Our fee schedule for transportation services is broken into the following categories: service location, transportation service type, rate (per mile and minimum miles), wait time (per hour), load fee one-way, and total minimum cost.

All of our services, including medical transportation, are available for business-to-business interactions. We do not accept appointments or requests for personal services. If you need these services for a personal reason, we are happy to refer you to someone who can assist you.

Medical Transportation Pricing

Transportation services are available in all 50 states* with a minimum of 16 miles (each way).  We offer competitive pricing for all service types. Medical transportation pricing varies by location based on local pricing indexes, state regulations, licensing, permits and/or contractor availability.

How are Transportation Services Quoted?

We follow the transportation industry standard pricing model. Rates are quoted first by state, then by service type. The mileage rates reflect major metropolitan and smaller market rates based on local pricing for similar transportation services.

Many hospitals, healthcare facilities and government organizations contract these services from vendors. In this case, a pre-negotiated rate may apply. If you are interested in contracting us as a vendor or to submit an RFP please contact us at or call 800-726-9891.

Medical Transportation Types
  • Ambulatory (sedan)
  • Wheelchair
  • Stretcher
  • Basic Life Support Ambulance (BLS)*
  • Advanced Life Support Ambulance (ALS)*
  • Flight Escorts
  • Courier Service
Additional Fees
  • One way trip charge
  • Rush/short notice fee
  • Cancellation fee
  • After-hour/weekend/holiday fee
  • Airport pick-up services
  • Wheelchair rental fee
  • Folding wheelchair fee
  • No-show fee

*=Rates are priced on a case-by-case basis for BLS, ALS, Alaska, and Hawaii.


For more information about Interpreters Unlimited please call 800-726-9891.

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Medical Transportation Interpreters

Find a  medical interpreter to accommodate your patient or client during the ride.

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