7 Signs You Work in the Language Services Industry


Whether you’re a scheduler or work in the accounting department, there are several common things we experience in the language services industry. As a language services provider, it is our duty to the non-English speaking and Deaf community and our clients to provide professional language services when in need. It may sound easy to some, but in our “biz” there ... Read More

The Role of Language Services During Political Campaigns


Unbeknownst to some, foreign language services play a large role in political campaigns and elections. As millions of Americans rush to the polls on Election Day, many will take advantage of mandated language services. It’s one thing to complete the grueling process of obtaining citizenship. Understanding how to vote, deciphering the forms and ballots is confusing enough for English speakers, ... Read More

Translating Food Labels Keeps Customers Loyal

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Translating food labels is now more important than ever. Proper labeling and packaging keeps companies legally compliant and consumers safe and informed. With today’s hype surrounding diet and workout programs, one may make the assumption that food labels are of utmost importance to “calorie counters” and fitness enthusiasts. But this is not the case at all. Translating food labels keeps ... Read More

The Importance of Localization Services


Have you ever actually sat down and thought about some of the idiomatic phrases found in the English language? Some of them are pretty strange. Take "an arm and a leg," for example. We all recognize it as the describing it as costliness of something, but for those unfamiliar with our language, it might conjure horrifying images of literal, disembodied ... Read More