Tips to Find the Right Spanish Translator for Your Next Event

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Many companies and non-governmental organizations (NGOs) tend to have a hard time finding fluent Spanish translators for events. Many times they have to settle for who is available and the cost of hiring these translators is far in excess of what a regular translator would cost. Luckily, there are a few places that you can find great Spanish translation services online. The problem arises in choosing the good ones so you don’t get burned with the ones that are cut-rate and unskilled in their trade. Here we look at a few things that you should look at to ensure that you’re getting a Spanish translator that’s both skilled and eloquent.


Many Spanish translators are either native speakers that have learned English or English speakers that have branched out their knowledge to include Spanish. Understanding the background of your translator helps to figure out if your translator would work well with your event. says,

“Strongly consider against someone who has not studied the field of Spanish translations.”

Translation itself is a tricky job and when someone who hasn’t had much experience in the field attempts it, the results can end up in a lot of muddled ideas being lost mid-way. A good translator ensures that nothing is lost in translation, although professional translators know that not every detail can be successfully translated across a language barrier.

Underestimating the Complexity

According to All-Translations, “Translation is a very complicated process which has to consider many factors – the genre and the style of the original text, the translator’s competence, the timeline allocated to the project and many more.”

There is a trap many event planners fall into when it comes to sourcing a translator and that is the idea that translation is the same as conversion from one language to another. Many times, when you simply convert words from one language to another the essence of the words is lost. Translators bridge that gap by converting the words in their correct context.

Spanish translation is a difficult job. A great translator must be quick-witted and able to think of the fly to ensure that his or her translations maintain the truth of the words while maintaining the essence of the communication. It is far more complicated than most people give translators credit for. Vocabulary and slang usage must constantly be updated to fit the current standards. Getting a good translator requires a lot of effort on behalf of the event planners to ensure that the person they hire is up to the task.

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