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2016 Miami Dolphins Cheerleaders Most Diverse in NFL History

Miami Dolphins Cheerleaders Most Diverse in NFL History

The Miami Dolphins cheerleading squad is now the most diverse cheer squad in NFL history.  On August 3, the Associated Press reported that 36 women from 28 international cities in eight countries were selected for the Dolphin’s 2016-2017 cheer team.

Will Language Be an Issue?

The squad’s members represent eight countries and five languages. In an article by Pro Players Insiders, Dorie Grogan, senior director of entertainment and brand impact for the Miami Dolphins said, “We hope that candidates are willing to learn if they are not able to speak English on audition day.  We have many cheerleaders on our team who are bilingual and will be able to assist in the transition.”

Miami’s vibrant and diverse culture is home to 150 ethnicities that make up its White (46.18%), Hispanic (63.58%) and Black (18.51%) population. More than 60 languages are spoken in the region, making it no surprise that members of the cheerleading team are bilingual.

Miami’s close proximity to Cuba, Latin America and the Caribbean make the city a Mecca of cultural traditions, cuisine, nightlife and fine arts. In Miami, Spanish is the dominant language, outweighing English by a landslide. According to a Census report, 65% of adults over the age of 18 speak Spanish at home,compared to 26.6% who speak English in Miami households. It’s possible that a language barrier may not be a major issue for Dolphins cheerleaders, since auditions were held in three Spanish-speaking countries.

Back in March, the Dolphins cheerleaders began the audition process starting in Rio de Janiero, Brazil, then to Buenos Aires, Argentina, followed by Mexico City, then Bogota, Columbia and concluded in Miami, Florida. More than 800 women from more than 30 countries tried out, the most in the squad’s history.

In the first round of auditions, candidates performed a dance routine; if they excelled, they returned for a second day of auditions. Day two of try outs consisted of interviews and a chance to showcase their personalities and dance skills by performing in groups of five. If they mastered tryouts in their home country, they headed to Miami for the final round of auditions.

Grogan told the Associated Press, “We’re proud to have the NFL’s most international cheerleading squad.” The inclusion of international women is a huge stepping stone for women across the globe. The diversity of the Dolphins cheer squad is sure to inspire more NFL teams in the years to come. It brings the culture of American football and the NFL brand to be embraced by international audiences.

Catch your first glimpse of the girls at the Dolphin’s home opener when they host the Cleveland Browns on Sunday, September 25 at 1:00 pm ET. This year, there’s a new reason to “wait all week for Sunday night.” Can we say, “Girl Power?”

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