6 Ways to Celebrate International Translation Day


International translation day

Did you know International Translation Day is celebrated every September 30?  

This year, the International Federation of Translators’ (FIT) theme for International Translation Day is “Connecting Worlds.” The theme, submitted by the American Translators Association, is designed to generate awareness of the impact interpreters and translators have on international communication.

The first three examples are how FIT encourages its member organizations to celebrate International Translation Day worldwide:

  1. Awards- Since its founding, the FIT has encouraged its member organizations to award diplomas, certificates and/or prizes to its translators.

2. Professional Development- Invite young or new translators to professional networking groups. This enhances their professional networks,  builds confidence in job performance, and encourages  perfection of translation skills.

3. Educational Opportunities –  FIT encourages its member organizations to provide advanced training and educational opportunities for seasoned and developing linguists.

Know someone who is a translator or an interpreter? Here are our 3 creative ways to show your appreciation:

4. It’s time for cake! Who doesn’t enjoy the sweet deliciousness of baked goods? Pick up a cake, cupcakes or cookies from your local bakery to give to an interpreter when they arrive for an appointment.

5. Say thank you. You may not be able to find a translation day-specific greeting card at your local drug store but, a “thank you” card will do just the trick. Collect signatures from everyone in your department and send to your language service provider. Or check out these free thank you e-cards from American Greetings!

6. Give a “key” to your company — figuratively, of course. Present your linguist friend or language service provider with a physical or symbolic “key” to honor the work they’ve done for you, your clients and business. Or you may want to pick something industry related; for instance, if you’re in the legal field, a small scale of justice would be perfect.

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About International Translation Day

The role of translators is the same as it was hundreds of years ago- to enable communication. It is on this day, September 30, that we pay tribute to translators the world over. The date was chosen by the International Federation of Translators (FIT) because it was originally the day chosen to honor Saint Jerome the patron saint of translation. In 1991, International Translation Day became an official global holiday to celebrate the translation occupation, regardless of religious affiliation.

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