Professional Urdu interpretation services

Urdu Interpretation Services

With Urdu interpretation services in high demand, businesses need a company they can trust. Language barriers that result in miscommunication creates confusion between English speakers and those with limited English proficiency. Professionally trained Urdu interpreters guarantee accurate communication and compliance with privacy laws. At Interpreters Unlimited, we only contract professionally trained and qualified linguists for every appointment.

Our contracted Urdu interpreters have years of experience interpreting in a number of environments for medical appointments, client interviews, depositions, parent/teacher conferences, employee orientations, religious functions and more.

  • Urdu Interpretation for Conferences and Seminars
  • Urdu Interpretation for Depositions, Trials & Hearings
  • Urdu Translation for Medical Documents
  • Urdu Interpretation for Recorded Statements
  • Urdu Interpretation for Employee Training
  • Urdu Translation for Religious Functions

Urdu Cultural Expertise

Translation and interpretation is more than just transposing words into the correct language. For true and reliable communication, Urdu linguists are familiar in the linguistic intricacies of both English and Urdu . In addition, they are cultural experts that can parse subtext and connotation depending on cultural and environmental contexts.

The following Urdu interpretation services are available nationwide:

  • In-Person Interpretation
  • Telephone Interpretation
  • Video Remote Interpretation

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Scheduling appointments is easy, just call 800-726-9891 to speak with a representative or send us a message!

Urdu Dialects

Within one language, there are different variations of speech. Interpreters Unlimited can provide an interpreter who specializes in a particular dialect upon request.

Dialects of Urdu are regional and include:

Dakhni (spoken in Deccan region of southern India) Khariboli (spoken in Delhi region)
Rekhta Modern Vernacular Urdu

Urdu Translation Services

If you need a document translated from Urdu to English or English to Urdu, look no further. IU is your one-stop-shop for all language needs. Our translation team accepts high volume requests and can deliver your translated document quickly and efficiently. Contact us today (800) 726-9891.

Urdu interpretation and localization services

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