Virginia Interpreter Services and Language Translation Services

Interpreters Unlimited provides language services throughout Virginia. All services are offered in 200 languages, including American Sign Language (ASL). IU  also provide non-emergency medical transportation services for hospitals, clinics and private practices.

Document Translation

All of our translation services are available in 200 languages throughout Minnesota. Here are a few examples of our translator’s projects:

Interpretation Services

  • In-person Interpretation
  • Telephone Interpretation
  • Video Remote Interpretation
  • ASL Interpretation
  • Request an Interpreter

Who benefits from a Virginia interpreter or translator?

All of our language experts are carefully selected, certified and tested for dialect and cultural knowledge. Our drivers undergo mandatory background checks and are CPR certified.

Here is a list of the most requested services in Minnesota by industry:

Medical interpretation and translation servicesMedical-  Interpreters Unlimited medical translation and medical language interpreters are reliable, accurate, and professional. We work with hospital facilities, rehabilitation centers, behavioral clinics, and private physician’s offices to deliver these services as well as, medical transportation services.

legal translators and interpretersLegal – Our experienced experts assist attorneys with interviews, trials, depositions and legal document translation. Our interpreters offer 200 spoken languages including ASL. Contact us for more information.

Website Translation Services in Virginia iconTourism and Travel – Learn how our team assists corporate and local businesses with website localization to communicate to travelers with limited English proficiency. Our translators also prepare brochures and other documents a tourist may need during their stay.

Workers Compensation translation

Insurance Companies – Insurance interpretation and translation and workers’ compensation services are available for worker’s compensation, automotive, homeowner’s, etc. Schedule an in-person, phone or video interpreter or get a document translated. Call us today: 800-726-9891.

Languages Spoken In Virginia:

Spanish – There will always be a need for Spanish translators; because of the levels of Hispanic immigration in the past, and the rising increase of illegal immigration. Almost ten percent of Virginians are Hispanic, and living in the Northern Virginia areas.

Irish (Gaelic) – The Irish/Gaelic language sometimes rarely makes it across seas, but because of the high level of people descended from Irish immigrants, the tourism and travel industry can always use Irish/Gaelic translators.

Vietnamese – Vietnamese, like Filipino listed below, need the same considerations as any other Asian language group. Around the same percentage of Filipino as Vietnamese languages are spoken at home.

Filipino – Pacific and Asian Islanders make up a very small percentage of foreign born residents of Virginia, and Filipino make up around 0.75% of the less than two percent of the Asian group. However, despite the small percentage, the group still consists of thousands of people throughout the state in need of translators and interpreters.

Various Native American Languages – Virginia is home to eight federally recognized Native American tribes, as well as various others, all with their own tribal dialects, and languages. While many of the residents on these reservations, and land may speak well enough English, there are still many Native Americans who refuse to speak English, or just never learned. This is where a respectful and understanding interpreter or translator comes in handy.

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