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VRI- video remote interpretation is an innovative HIPAA-compliant cloud-based technology that connects sign language and foreign language interpreters with office staff, patients, and clients with the click of a button.  Our On-Demand Interpreting (ODI) platform is ready in seconds and accessible 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, 365 days per year.

ODI is a powerful cloud-based solution that eliminates the costs associated with new equipment and specialized IT staff. The HIPAA-compliant cloud-based VRI features high quality audio, a simple user interface, a secure connection, and real-time data sharing and collaboration.

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VRI from Interpreters Unlimited

Use On Any Device


ODI integrates with any internet capable device, including- smart phones (iOS and Android), tablets (iPad, Windows Surface Pro), and laptops (Windows and Mac).

  • Secure an iPad or tablet to a WiFi enabled portable stand. 

It’s perfect for doctor’s offices, hospitals and other medical facilities where a computer may not be present in every room. Contact us for more information 800-726-9891.

HIPAA-Compliant Cloud
The “cloud,” also known as the Internet is where the Data from the VRI application is stored on the Internet in the “cloud,” rather than on a desktop computer. The ODI platform is therefore an advantageous option for operations, because all departments benefit from a return on investment in the system.


Implementation is a simple and fast process. The team will walk you through a step-by-step process to set up the system. During this time we review your needs, assess the devices and technical set-up at your location, map data, build reporting dashboards, and more.

Your security, network integrity and privacy are our top priority. Our video interpreting service is private, secure, HIPAA compliant and encrypted (AES 128 bit).
The only VRI calls we accept are from our clients’ authorized users. Upon set-up, you and your staff will each be given a personal identification code which allows them access to ODI. The code will tell dispatchers and interpreters who they are and will facilitate a secure connection.