Benefits of WebIUX Client Portal

 Save Time with WebIUX Client Portal

Our goal is to create complete transparency in the request process.  Requesting an interpreter should be easy and trackable, every step of the way.  This keeps you, your stakeholders and most importantly, the limited-English speaking client or patient whom we mutually serve, informed.

WebIUX offers a variety of functions that save you time in your day-to-day. The client portal allows you to manage interpreter appointments for your clients or patients, as well as trends in language needs and administrative duties.  First, let’s take a look at the time-saving benefits of WebIUX.

Manage Requests

Request Management with WebIUX client portalThe WebIUX client portal contains all interpreter requests. Save time by entering and authorizing appointment requests at your convenience versus over the phone. No matter how you request an appoint– via phone, web or fax– all are accessible here so you have a snapshot view of what’s on deck and what has already occurred.

Manage Quotes

Interpreter quote management with WebIUXView upcoming appointments with your WebIUX portal. You no longer have to wait for a phone call or make a phone call because the capability of our system delivers the information to you seamlessly when you need it. Gather trends of appointment history to predict your organization’s needs.

Boost Efficiency

Use Interpreters Unlimited’s proprietary WebIUX client portal to boost efficiency at your organization. The next section is an overview of how WebIUX is used by our team to increase productivity and give you a clear 360 view of your language service needs.

Report Management

WebIUX client portal report managementCreate and export reports directly from WebIUX in Microsoft Excel and PDF formats. We give you the visibility of all assignments, by all users to accommodate reporting needs. View LEP/client history, or sort by LEP/client, to assist in interpreter scheduling and assignment grouping, saving money.

Invoice Management

Invoice management with WebIUX client portalWe Monitor accounting with WebIUX invoice management. View, print, track and save invoices with a click of a mouse. Whether you’re in charge of processing new invoices, records, or authorizing payments, WebIUX will help you with your day-to-day tasks.


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