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Website Translation ServicesWebsite localization requires a coherent approach to translating numerous interrelated parts, each with its own technical and linguistic requirements. Websites today can be as sophisticated and useful as enterprise software, and being visible in international markets can be a challenge. These projects demand a sophisticated, well-organized approach. 

Adapting a website for different languages and target markets typically involves more than just translating content. Our services include:

  • Internationalization of the site’s visual design, front-end code and back-end programming, as well as offering recommendations that facilitate easy translation and adaptation for regional differences without extensive engineering changes
  • Site content localization, includes creating style guides, editing iterations, coordination of in-country review and translation of text, graphics and multimedia elements
  • Testing and QA of the staged multilingual site on various browser and system configurations to ensure proper functionality and linguistic accuracy
  • Search Engine Marketing (SEM) translation and localization, involves recreating your SEM campaigns to reach your target audiences and drive traffic to your translated website(s).

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