WebIUX: Interpretation and Translation Software

WebIUX:  Scheduling Software

Project management starts with WebIUX. Our proprietary client web portal software consolidates day-to-day functions to one place to make project management and scheduling interpretation and translation services easy.

With WebIUX, you can view, edit and schedule interpreter appointments and manage translation projects with your translators. In addition, the information is displayed in a succinct manner with the option to view all assignments by all users.


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Save time with WebIUX

Save Time

WebIUX is designed to enable our clients to consolidate basic, everyday tasks that would normally be completed over the phone—a process that perpetuates a ‘greener’ and more efficient work flow.

Save time with WebIUX

Increase Effeciency

Consolidate the day-to-day to boost productivity. Enter appointments at your convenience, view appointment history regardless of entry method (phone, fax, or web). The power is yours at your fingertips.

WebIUX Security


WebIUX runs on an SSL encrypted connection. Access the login screen from any web browser (Internet Explorer 9, Google Chrome and FireFox) to enter a HIPAA-compliant portal.

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Language Service Management Made Easy!

WebIUX client portal is designed with the user in mind. Track past, present and future appointments and view trends right from your fingertips. 

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