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Our Language Services

We’ll find you the best interpretation or translation service to fit your needs.

Our Industries

Academic language translation and interpretation services Academic Services

We work with  school districts, universities and academic organizations, providing interpretation and document translations.

legal translation services Legal Services

We’ll find an interpreter with knowledge of courtroom protocol and legal procedures in 200 languages or American Sign Language.

Government language translation services State and County Services

We work with dozens of government agencies, Health and Human Services agencies and departments across the United States

Medical interpretation and translation services in Los AngelesMedical Services

We have decades of experience and our contracted linguists are qualified for the specific needs of the healthcare industry.

insurance interpreter services Worker’s Compensation

Our contracted drivers and linguists provide door-to-door service in the most efficient and professional manner.

corporate business translation services Corporate Services

We work with corporate and private business to provide interpretation services for meetings, conferences, employee training and more.

Driven by Technology

Our proprietary Web IUX acts as a robust CRM that makes invoicing and scheduling extremely easy and efficient. Enter appointments at your convenience and view appointment history regardless of entry method (web, phone or fax)!

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Language Interpretation and Translation Technology

The IU Group

We are constantly expanding our presence in North America to be closer to our customers and provide the best language services possible. These are companies that have recently joined the IU group of companies.

IU Group
Albors & Alnet, an IU Group Company
Arkansas Spanish Interpreters and Translators, an IU Group Company
Accessible Communication for the Deaf, an IU Group Company

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