Washington State Translation Services

Our Washington state translators and interpreters provide language services in 200+ languages including American Sign Language(ASL). Our interpreters and translators are carefully selected and certified in their language specialty. They also specialize in the varying dialects and cultural backgrounds to facilitate effective communication.

For more than 40 years, Interpreters Unlimited™ has  provided diverse language services throughout Washington for in-person, telephone and video interpretation, as well as document translation and non-emergency medical transportation services to our heath care clients.

Who can benefit from translation and interpretation services?
Washington state translation services make a huge difference in the day-to-day operations of many businesses and residents. Here is a list of the most common services requested by industry:

medial translators in Washington stateMedical and Healthcare– Interpreters Unlimited provides medical language translation and interpretation for hospitals, medical facilities, rehabilitation centers, clinics, and private practices We also provide medical transportation across the state as well.

legal translators and interpretersLegal – Washington translators and interpreters that speak various Native American dialects will find many opportunities in Washington’s legal system.  Our experienced experts assist attorneys with interviews, trials, depositions and legal document translation.

Washington state Translation Services Tourism and Travel – Washington’s airports, bus stations, and other transportation agencies need translators and interpreters to reach residents and tourists with limited English proficiency. Translate your brochure, website, and business contracts to reach a larger audience!

workers compensation washington state

Insurance – Insurance interpretation and translation and workers’ compensation services are available in 200 languages. Schedule an in-person interpretation or get a document translated. Call us today: 800-726-9891.

Languages Spoken In Washington:

German – With a large concentration of German heritage, German translators are needed for Germans in the tourism and travel industry, for visitors and vacationers.

Spanish –Spanish and Latin American immigrants are increasing and more and more families are statistically shown to speak only Spanish at home. Our phone and video interpreters provide these citizens with the ability to communicate with teachers, doctors and community members.

Filipino – The Filipino community in Washington State is part of the fourth largest Asian population concentration in the country. According to statistics, the Filipino community is Washington is the fourth largest subgroup; making it a prime source of work for any Filipino translator or interpreter.

Various Native American Languages – Much of the Washington region is home to varied Native American reservations; these reservations require translators, and interpreters. Many older members are traditionalists, and prefer to speak only their tribe’s mother language, so interpreters and translators are a must for any reservation, or business that often deals with a reservation, or its authorities.

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