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Alabama, the “Yellow Hammer state” is the heart of southern hospitality in the United States. Besides the most spoken language – English, you will often hear people speak in other languages such as Spanish, German, French and Japanese.

As a premier language services company, Interpreters Unlimited (IU) provides translation and interpretation in over 200 languages and dialects in Alabama. All services are available throughout the entire state and we guarantee:

  • 99% fill rate for your next appointment
  • 27/7 customer service web portal, no voicemails just us ready to serve you!
  • All interpreters are tested for dialect and cultural knowledge of the language they are interpreting
  • All drivers undergo extensive background checks and are CPR certified

Language Services in Alabama

  • In-person Interpretation
  • American Sign Language Interpretation
  • Telephone Interpretation
  • Document Translation
  • Video Remote Interpretation (VRI).

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Industries we serve:

  • Aerospace & Defense

    Home to more than 300 aerospace and defense companies, interpretation and translation services are imperative to conduct international business. Each document translation completed by Interpreters Unlimited goes through a three step process:

    1. Translation
    2. Editing
    3. Proofreading
  • Legal

    Interpreters Unlimited works with law firms and courthouses to provide language interpreters for depositions, trials, mediation, hearings and interviews. Interpretation services are available in spoken languages and sign language.

  •  Insurance Companies

      Insurance interpretation and translation and workers’ compensation services are available in 200 languages. Schedule an in-person interpretation or get a document translated. Call us today: 800-726-9891.

  • Healthcare/Medical

    – Interpreters Unlimited provides medical language translation and in-person interpretation for hospitals, medical facilities, rehabilitation centers, behavioral clinics, urgent care, and private physician’s offices. We also provide non-emergency medical transportation across the state as well.

  • Automotive

    Many major automotive OEMs – including Toyota, Hyundai, Mercedes Benz and Honda – have offices in Alabama. Popular automotive projects we’ve worked on pertain to Spanish, Japanese, Korean and German languages.

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