Professional Telephone Interpretation Services

Telephone Interpretation Services

Telephone interpretation services connect a live human interpreter via phone. During these appointments, interpretation is consecutive which means the interpreter waits until the speaker is finished to convert what was said from one language to another.

When is Phone Interpreting Preferred?

1.) Over-the-phone services are ideal when a professional in-person interpreter is not available. It eliminates the risk of miscommunication and liability concerns should an inaccurate interpretation take place. For example, while family members, bilingual co-workers, or social workers may speak the required language, they do not necessarily have the same credentials and training that a professional interpreter holds. A language services company really is the only way receive precise interpretation.

2.) Depending on the circumstance, cultural norms, or religious background, an individual may prefer to not have another person present in the room. Health conditions or legal issues can make one feel self conscious, embarrassed or exposed. In these situations, the patient or client’s preference to be anonymous is taken into consideration.

3.)When the telephone is the primary means of communication, it makes sense to use telephone interpreters versus in-person or video interpreters. For example, most of us have heard an automated message like, “For Spanish, please press two.” When this option is pressed, the caller is directed to a phone interpreter. These services are common for customer service, medical help lines and other service phone numbers, making the familiarity of the phone interpretation experience a factor when choosing language services.

Qualified Telephone Interpreters

At Interpreters Unlimited our contracted interpreters are professionally trained by accredited institutions. These telephone interpreters are native speakers who mastered the proficiency of both English and Spanish and in some cases, industry-specific vocabulary for:

♦    Medical, Healthcare and Pharmaceutical Organizations
♦    Legal Proceedings and Contracts
♦    Technical Product Information
♦    Insurance Terminology

Call (800) 726-9891 to speak with a representative!

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Access telephone interpretation services are by calling our toll free number 800-726-9891. We offer 200 languages and regional dialects nationwide for:
♦    Medical and healthcare facilities
♦   Corporate and small businesses
♦   Law firms and courts
♦   School districts and academic institutions
♦   Insurance and worker’s compensation companies
♦  Government organizations

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