Maine Translation and Interpreting Services

Interpreters Unlimited™ offers a wide range of language service options to address language service needs throughout the state of Maine. Our interpretation services include in-person interpretation, telephone interpretation, video interpretation and American Sign Language (ASL) interpretation. IU also provides document translation and medical transportation services throughout New England.

Our Industries

While there are numerous fields that utilize translation and interpreter services, the following areas possess industry-specific language service needs:

Medical interpretation services iconMedical – Interpreters Unlimited provides medical language translation and in-person interpretation for hospitals, medical facilities, rehabilitation centers, clinics, and private physician’s offices. We also provide non-emergency medical transportation across the state.

legal translators and interpreters iconLegal – Interpreters Unlimited works with law firms and courthouses to provide in-person interpretation for depositions, trials, hearings and interviews. Services are available spoken languages and ASL. Our experienced translators also provide legal document translation services

Maine Translation servicesTourism and Travel –The picturesque capital city of Augusta, beautiful landscapes, and world-famous Maine lobster are only a fraction of the tourist attractions that draw in travelers every year. Our team translates brochures, websites and other business collateral to reach & attract multi-lingual markets.

insurance translation icon

Insurance Companies – Insurance interpretation and translation services for worker’s compensation, automobile, property, renters insurance are available in sign language and spoken languages. Call 800-726-9891 for more information.

Languages Spoken In Maine:

French – Maine is home to a large percentage of French speaking residents. The ancestors of many of these individuals originally emigrated from Quebec and New Brunswick as far back as the 19th century.

Spanish – While Maine’s population of Spanish speakers is relatively small compared to other ethnic groups, there is still an existing need for Spanish interpreter services. It is vital to ensure that adequate language service resources are available for all languages, including those that are less common.

German – Like the Spanish speaking population, German is one of the language communities encountered less frequently in Maine. Interpreters Unlimited™ offers a robust list of interpretation and translation services to meet the needs of its German-speaking community.

Why Choose Interpreters Unlimited?

Interpreters Unlimited™ network of 9,000+interpreters, translators and drivers are available to assist you on your next project. Our language experts specialize in over 200 languages and our customer service representatives are available 24/7.

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