South Dakota Translators & Interpreters

We provide high-quality translation and interpretation services to businesses in South Dakota. We serve all major industries including healthcare, legal, workers’ compensation, education, travel and tourism and government agencies. Our contracted South Dakota translators provide written translations, website localization services, as well as, onsite interpretation, over-the-phone interpretation and video remote interpretation services.  All of our language services are available in 200 foreign languages and American Sign Language (ASL) in South Dakota.

Languages Spoken In South Dakota

German – German is a language that one might encounter in the State of South Dakota. IU provides a host of language services to meet German translation needs across the state.

French – Although South Dakota’s population of French speakers is relatively small compared to other ethnic groups, there is still an existing need for French translator services and interpreters. It is vital to ensure that adequate language service resources are available for all languages, including those that are less common.

Spanish – South Dakota has a significantly sized Spanish-speaking community. Interpreters Unlimited provides professional language services to meet Spanish interpretation and translation needs across the state.

Which industries can benefit from South Dakota translators and interpreters?

Interpreters Unlimited works with a wide range of clients in South Dakota by providing translation services and interpretation services in over 200 languages and dialects.

Website Translation and localization iconTourism & Travel – With travel options becoming more accessible via the Internet and mobile, it’s now more important than ever for brands to be visible. We work with travel agencies, car rental companies, airlines, hotels, bed-and-breakfasts, resorts, theme parks and local organizations to keep communication flowing.

legal translators and interpretersLegal –  South Dakota attorneys need qualified translators to help them depose witnesses who do not speak English as their first language. Interpreters can also help clients better understand the charges that are being brought against them in a civil or criminal court trial, as well as inform them of their options if they have been wronged and will be the plaintiff in a legal matter.

Medical interpreters in South DakotaMedical –  We provide medical translations for hospitals, clinics, urgent care, rehabilitation facilities, and physician’s offices. We only contract qualified linguists who are versed in HIPAA compliance and have years of experience in the field. Contact our sister company, Albors and Alnet to learn more about our non-emergency medical transportation services for workers’ compensation patients.

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