North Dakota Translators & Interpreters

North Dakota is a melting pot of cultures and backgrounds with a variety of languages spoken throughout the state. Interpreters Unlimited’s network of 9,000 contracted linguists provides onsite, telephone, video interpretation and document translation services in 200 foreign languages and American Sign Language. 

Our Industries

legal translators and interpreters in North DakotaLegal – Any situation where a legal document is signed and explained requires a professional interpreter. At Interpreters Unlimited, our contracted linguists specialize in legal terminology and are familiar with court proceedings to ensure both parties understand what is being communicated.

Workers Compensation interpreters and translators- ND

Insurance In the same way that legal settings require absolute accuracy in communication, insurance companies and their clients expect the same degree of precision and efficiency when it comes to their translating and interpreting needs. The role of the translator is a valuable necessity when dealing with insurance matters.

Medical and healthcare language services in North DakotaMedical Healthcare language services are essential to the care and health of patients and must be provided by a professional linguist. At IU all medical translation, transportation, and interpretation services are HIPAA-Compliant to ensure your patient’s privacy is protected. We work with hospitals, rehabilitation centers, pharmaceutical research companies, clinics and medical facilities throughout the state of North Dakota.

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