Arizona Interpreters and Translators

Interpreters Unlimited offers language interpretation and document translating services in over 200 languages in Arizona.
Home of the big city of Phoenix and the beautiful Grand Canyon, one of the seven Natural Wonders of the World, IU keeps busy in Arizona. In addition to interpretation and Translation Services, IU provides non-emergency medical transportation services to healthcare and medical facilities.

Professional Interpretation and Translation Services

IU’s provides Arizona interpreting and translating services in many languages for the following areas:

Language services for school districts and universities in ArizonaSchool Districts and Universities– Interpreters Unlimited provides language services for school districts, universities and other academic institutions. Our interpreters facilitate communication between parents, teachers and students.  Schedule an interpreter for your next parent-teacher conference, back-to-school night, teacher meeting, assembly, or other school-related activities.

Arizona Interpreters and Translators

Corporate and Private Business– Corporations find it advantageous to work with us because we offer on-site, telephone and video remote interpretation services. Contact IU to receive a free estimate for your next document translation project.

Legal translators and interpreters in AZCourthouses and Law Firms— Interpreters Unlimited works with law firms and courthouses to provide in-person interpretation for depositions, trials, mediation, hearings and interviews. Interpretation services are available spoken languages and ASL. Our experienced translators also provide legal document translation services

Medical interpretation and translation services in ArizonaMedical and Healthcare Facilities– Interpreters Unlimited provides medical language translation and in-person interpretation for hospitals, medical facilities, rehabilitation centers, behavioral clinics, and private physician’s offices. We also provide non-emergency medical transportation across the state as well.

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Interpreters Unlimited™ – life takes communication. Contact us today at 800.726.9891 or send us a request for an Arizona interpreter or translator.