Pennsylvania Interpreters and Translators

The East Coast and mid-Atlantic regions are a hub for American culture, commerce, trade and industry. Between Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and Washington, D.C., there are more than 60,000 cultural events per year. Greater Philadelphia has the 11th largest foreign-born population in the U.S., comprising nearly 10% of its population. With that comes the need for accurate and reliable language interpreters and translators.

Language Interpreters and Professional Translation Services

German, Spanish, Russian, Arabic, Vietnamese, Mandarin, Portuguese, Italian, and Hindi are among the 200+ languages IU provides interpretation and and document translations for in Pennsylvania. IU interpreters are available in-person, on the phone, and by video for appointments. Our American Sign Language (ASL)  interpreters are also available on-person and by video.

Our Industries

Pennsylvania translator for medical and healthcareMedical and Healthcare Facilities – Interpreters Unlimited provides medical language translation and in-person interpretation for hospitals, clinics and private physician’s offices. Non-emergency medical transportation services are available as well.

legal translation pennsylvaniaLaw Firms – Our Pennsylvania interpreters and translators work with law firms and courthouses to provide language interpretation for depositions, trials, mediation, hearings and interviews. Services are available n spoken languages and ASL.

insurance translation services in pennsylvania

Insurance – Insurance interpretation services are available for worker’s compensation, automotive, homeowner’s, etc. Schedule an in-person, phone or video interpreter or get a document translated. Call us today: 800-726-9891.

school district and academic language servicesSchools and Academic Institutions– Since 1970, Interpreters Unlimited has been supplying school districts with in-person interpreters and professional translation services. Call Interpreters Unlimited toll free at 800.726.9891 to learn how we can streamline communication for students and parents with limited English proficiency.

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To learn more about Interpreters Unlimited and the Pennsylvania interpreter and translation services that we offer, contact us at 800.726.9891.

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