document translation process

3-Step Translation Process

Our contracted translators are fluent in all languages they intend to offer services in, including English. All translation projects are managed in a three step process, as described below.

Step 1: Document Submission

The document (s) to be translated is reviewed by our translation management team which includes senior linguists before translation begins.

Clients requesting certified legal/court translations or medical assignments are referred to a translator who holds official certification credentials. Court appointed translators set their own rates and are often times higher than a qualified translator. A certified translation is available by request only.  These translators are professionally trained, educated and specialize in concept knowledge of legal or medical terms, procedures, case law, mediation terms, court hearing dialogue, procedures, diagnosis, medical, and other appropriate legal or medical terminology.

If a certified translation is not requested, the project is completed by a qualified translator. Qualified translators are professionally trained, educated and hold credentials in their language specialty.

Step 2: Translation

A project manager works with the client to discuss the timeline, scope of the project and other preliminary questions. Next, the document(s) are sent to the translator (assigned by the project manager) to complete in his or her usual working environment. During the translation process the translator translates the text from the source language to target language while meticulously paying close attention to:

·         Accurate transfer of content ·         Omissions/additions
·         Appropriate terminology ·         Appropriate register
·         Collocation ·         Tautology
·         Consistency ·         Grammar
·         Syntax ·         Tense Usage
·         Spelling & Punctuation ·         Layout & Presentation

During the translation process, a project manager relays the status of the project to the client to answer questions or clarification the translator may have.

Step 3: Proofreading and Editing

The final step is proofreading and editing the translated document. In this stage, an equally qualified translator proofreads the content for accuracy, context, syntax, grammar and punctuation. Formatting and final graphic or layout corrections are made in this stage before the document(s) are finalized and sent to the client for approval.

Additional IU Guidelines

Each translator we contract abides by the following company and industry standards for every translation.


  • Understand the role of a translator is to facilitate understanding in communication between people who speak different languages
  • Are accurate at translating
  • Know vocabulary terms
  • Strictly follow translation protocol
  • Are impartial, objective, and unbiased
  • Never leave anything out or add new text
  • Translate every word, even if it does not related to the main topic
  • Never state an opinion, even when directly asked

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