Pricing for Interpretation services

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Pricing for interpretation can be very complex but at IU, we make it simple. This section includes everything you need to know about pricing for interpretation services. We’ll breakdown our pricing structure and the standards set forth by the language services industry.

At Interpreters Unlimited, all of our interpreters are independently contracted, some of whom hold specific certifications and other credentials based on their language and/or industry specialty.

Rates for interpretation vary based on type of service (in-person, telephone and video interpretation), language, location and/or industry. Call 800-726-9891 for more information.

You’re probably wondering why these factors influence the cost to hire an interpreter.  As a nationwide provider, we feel it’s our duty to explain how rates are configured to help you in your selection process.

How are Rates Determined?

Rates are determined based on the requested language, the context in which an interpreter is needed, geographic location and in some cases industry and mileage.

Each state has its own certification training programs for interpreters, which is why pricing may vary from state-to-state. Also, not all situations require a an interpreter to have specialized training. Therefore, you can request a non-certified interpreter for situations in which advanced training or vocabulary is not necessary. Lower rates are charged for non-certified interpreters.

For instance, the owner of a grocery store with interests to expand his or her business to Mexico can hire a Spanish interpreter for a conference call or meeting who does not have specific certification. This type of situation does not require language certification unless specified by the client.

On the other hand, in the event of a court trial or hearing a certified court interpreter is required. These interpreters go through extensive testing and charge much higher rates. This type of specialization is only required under special circumstances.

The same goes for medical interpreters. Medical certification requires the interpreter to be fluent in healthcare terminology and advanced knowledge of the field. Certified medical interpretation appointments are quoted at a higher rate and require a three hour minimum.

See more pricing information below:

Pricing by Service Type

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