Interpreter mileage

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All of our interpreters are independently contracted. At the present time, we have 9,000 linguists and transportation drivers contracted with us nationwide. The availability of interpreters and the responsiveness of our schedulers are what makes us excel. We have a 99% fill rate company-wide for all appointments thanks to our special team of men and women.

Do you charge mileage for an interpreter?

In the event we cannot find an interpreter in your metropolitan area, we will expand the search to ensure someone is there when you need them. In this case, we charge mileage if and only if we cannot find an interpreter within a 50 mile radius to fill the appointment.

Mileage is charged if an interpreter is not available within 50 miles of your areaIf we find an interpreter outside of your immediate area who is available for your appointment, and their round trip mileage exceeds fifty miles, we charge the IRS Standard Mileage Rate. 

How often does this happen?

This situation is in fact, rare but it can happen from time-to-time. We always recommend to schedule appointments as soon as you can but, we understand you’re busy and that last minute things can happen. That’s why we’re here to help!

Our 24/7 customer service web portal is available at your convenience. You no longer have to call during business hours (even though we love talking to you). Just log-in, view appointment history, schedule appointments, view invoices and more!

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