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Government agencies choose Interpreters Unlimited because of our experience, professionalism and service offering. Providing access to limited English proficiency and Deaf and Hard-of-hearing populations can be a challenge, but we make it simple. At the federal, state and local levels our government interpreters bridge the gap to language barriers via on-site, telephone and video remote interpreting (VRI) services.

All of our language services are available in more than 200 languages and American Sign Language (ASL). Whether it’s a public forum, meeting, fundraiser, or other appointment type, our government interpretation services provide hundreds of LEP persons with resources they needs to assimilate in their communities.

In recent years, the US population has experienced an influx of immigrants with limited English proficiency. All of our linguists are carefully selected, qualified and tested for dialect and cultural knowledge. The extensive knowledge of our interpreters facilitates accurate communication and understanding between both parties.

Our Interpretation Services Include:

In-person Interpretation- Request a government interpreter for any situation where face-to-face communication takes place. This service is available in 200 exotic languages and ASL.

Telephone Interpretation- Telephone interpretation services connect an LEP person with an interpreter in seconds. Over-the-phone services are ideal for automated menus and conference calls when the interpreter is on speaker phone.

Video Remote Interpretation- Government remote interpreting is the perfect blend of in-person and telephone interpretation. Situations where video interpretation is utilized are medical appointments and any situation where an interpreter is not immediately available.

*Note: Sign language is available for both on-site and VRI appointments.

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